Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers: Robin's Testimonial

A previous subscriber of Weight Watchers Online, Robin was able to lose 50 pounds on her first weight loss program. That was eight years ago. She gained back the pounds though and decided to give Weight Watchers another try only to be disappointed. She noted that the changes made with the program, specifically the Plus Points Program, was in her opinion less effective that the previous approach.

Robin used to average two pounds of weight loss per week with the original Weight Watchers approach. She noticed that with the new program her progress toward reaching her desired weight was a lot slower. The points system actually hindered her progress as the system does not integrate portion control, and crucial element when it comes to diet and weight loss. She states that with the new Plus Points system under Weight Watchers, you are basically free to eat what you want as long as it cover your daily points, an aspect which she feels not quite beneficial for her weight loss journey.

Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig: Nee's Testimonial

Nee tried both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig for her weight loss program and diet plan and most of her insights focus on customer service interaction and service packages. When she enrolled with Jenny Craig Weight Loss program, she observed that there is much to improve on the customer interaction. A personalized and individualized approach to weight loss and fitness and important to make the program more effective. And Nee feels that Jenny Craig programs lacks persistence in this aspect.

In her testimonial, Nee also commented that she liked the idea of home delivery service as it does add convenience and comfort for the customers. With the Nutrisystem food delivery service, she does not need to pick up and carry all her meals with her to store at home. She feels that Jenny Craig is also working on providing a  good home delivery service to keep up the Nutrisystem.

Melissa's Nutrisystem Testimonial

Melissa, who lost 46 pounds in just five months with Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program highly recommends the program for its value for money products and services, superior customer service, and multiple platform accessibility. She highlights that she was able to save up on food money with Nutrisystem as the food packages are more affordable compared to the cost of cafeteria food.

A personalized approach to weight loss consultation which can be accessed via email, phone inquiry, blogs, moderated forums, and live chat is a feature that Melissa appreciates most with the program. She cites that Nutrisystem has a fabulous support system.

Dorothy's Nutrisystem Testimonial

With the help of Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program, Dorothy was able to enjoy the activities she once enjoyed - RVing. She was 58 years old when she joined Nutrisystem and weighed 186.6 pounds, at 5 ft 7 in in height, she felt joint pains caused by her weight. In just a little over three months, Dorothy was able to lose 21 pounds. Her cholesterol and triglyceride levels were also lowered thanks to Nutrisystem. She also experienced a radical improvement in her health and overall well-being. She became more focused and was able to look forward to and prepare for important events in her life such as her 40th wedding anniversary.