Walmart is one of the few big stores that have very generous coupon policy. They offer an unbelievable array of ways to save while shopping at their store. I can't sometimes believe my own eyes at the deals that Walmart offers its customers. I have got items for free, some for a few pennies when their actual price is several dollars and sometimes Walmart has paid me money for buying products for which I had higher amount of coupons than the actual price of the product. Cool isn't it. I will show you how you can do it too.

Store Coupons

Every month Walmart offers coupons on a number of items in different product categories on their website. You should check out the coupons section of their website (at to find some cool deals and coupons. Print out the coupons for products you need and go shopping. I save from $15-$20 every week using this coupon offers. I try to stock up on products that I use regularly and for which there are coupons on offer and buy as many as I can (with the coupons). If I can stack them with manufacturer coupons then I get some really sweet deals.

Matching Sales To Coupons

It is incredible hard work matching instore sales to coupons on hand. But the savings are incredible too. Sometimes you can buy products worth several dollars for pennies. So I used to spend several hours hunting them up. Now I spend a few minutes as there are several helpful people doing that job for me online. They match sales to coupons and post it on their websites and blogs. All I have to do is browse a few of my favorite websites and check out these deals and print them for use at the store. It has become so easy and I end up saving many dollars too.

Walmart Overage Cash Back

One of the few companies that offer a generous cash back if your coupons allow you to save more than an actual cost of the item. You actually get money for shopping at Walmart if you the right coupons on hand. This is probably one of the few big stores that do so.

Manufacturer Coupons

Walmart accepts all kinds of manufacturer's coupons. But the only condition is that they should scan at the tiller. Some coupons don't scan and the managers at Walmart can refuse to accept them. If this happens simply put away the product to buy at a later time after you get a valid coupon.

Price Match At Walmart

You can find several online websites that show price match ups at the stores near you for that week. Select your state and "all stores" to find out sales near you. Write or print out items you want to buy and price match them at Walmart for the major sale items. Usually the good deals are often sold out at the local groceries and stores but you can still pick them at the same prices at Walmart. Remember that this is applicable for only identical items like a 'box of Kellogg's Cheerios' or 'Kraft Singles Pack of 5' not a combination deal of 2 boxes of cereals and gallon of milk kind of deals.

Digital Coupons

Recently Walmart has started offering digital coupons. Download the Walmart app for Apple/Android devices and you can scan the products while you shop, bag them once they are scanned and pay for them at the end of your shopping trip. You don't have to ring them at the register again. You can go to the self-check out counter and pay using any of the methods allowed by scanning a QR code. This saves you time and money.

There are several ways more to save at Walmart. Just go out and explore.